What’s so scientific about sci-fi movies?

Hollywood sci-fi movies are often accused of being unscientific. Take Star Wars for example. You heard those sound effects in space battles, the whooshing of space fighters, the bang of blaster fire. All sounds so cool! But any fifth-grader would know that sound must have a medium to travel through. And the space is vacuum, and therefore is silent. You can’t possibly hear a space craft go by, or an explosion going off.

New Scientists magazine have listed a few movies that got the science right. Although being a sci-fi fan, I haven’t watch half of them. To me sci-fi movies shows you a universe you want to escape to, not the universes you live in. After all who would want to see totally silent space battle? Not me.

One thought on “What’s so scientific about sci-fi movies?

  1. I entirely agree its called Science FICTION for a reason it doesn’t have to be accurate, its like people insisting on having realistic gravity in cartoons that Wile E Coyote shouldn’t float in mid air comically he should fall straight away.

    I have the same gripe with Games, these alternate worlds for me were always places to escape to I don’t want things to be realistic I want them to be fun and entertaining.

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