Rasmus who?

A friend of mine had a hypothesis on common human behavior: they love to argue, even on simplest of issues. If he had seen the discussion thread of Hasin’s recent post, he would have been proud of himself. Hasin wrote that he wouldn’t hire a guy for his company if he didn’t know the name of the inventors of PHP or MySQL or any other technology that the guy had been using for his profession. This was entirely his personal opinion, but it had sparked a lengthy debate in the follow-up discussions. There was a generous use of analogies: toasters, telephones, engines, wheels and what not. Someone even brought Rasmus Lerdorf’s mother into this! The poor lady!

Personally I am leaning a little bit on Hasin’s opinion. If a PHP developer can tell me the name of the inventor of PHP, I won’t hire him right away (or show him the door if he can’t), but I’ll definitely have some respect for him. Having some idea on the development background of a technology is usually considered as a good trait in the developer. Especially if the technology itself is a product of collaboration, such as PHP or MySQL or Linux or whatever. I believe it is called the Ecosystem of the technology.

On a lighter note, it might be possible that some people got upset with the term history on Hasin’s post. Many of us don’t have much fond memories of history classes in high school πŸ™‚

P.S. I don’t have anything against history. I like watching the History Channel.


One thought on “Rasmus who?

  1. Sigh

    It was called “applied bamboo theory”, and everyone made a successful use of it in that post –

    enjoying though πŸ˜‰

    Nice writing.

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