Back to the Wild : A trip to Srimongol

Last weekend, we took an adventurous trip to the greater Sylhet district of the country. There were eleven of us, all from my university, all now engaged in IT jobs in different organizations. We spent two days in Srimongol and a day in a tea estate in Kulaura. I’m posting some moments from different occasions of the trip:

Our troop at the Srimongol Tea Resort. Eight software developers, one QA, one Sys-support and one network engineer.

Trekking through the Lawachara reserve forest.

The beautiful lake at Madhabpur.

Barbecue Night!

The waterfall at Madhabkundu

Our bungalow at the Sagurnal Tea Estate.

Taking a walk in the tea plantations.


3 thoughts on “Back to the Wild : A trip to Srimongol

  1. sorry dost, our schedule was really tight there. I couldn’t contact you or any friends/families living up there. But I’ll definitely get to you next time. You know how much I admire the Air Force šŸ™‚

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