A farewell note

This week I said good bye to a couple of things.

The first was my old job at Evoknow Inc. It was my first job. I joined as a trainee developer right after my graduation. I was eventually promoted to a full-time developer, and then to team leader within a year.  I had a really great time there. My teammates were the friendliest and whackiest people on earth. I learned a lot from them, and I tried to contribute as much as possible.

My new job is just a stone’s throw from the old one.  While the actual distance is small, in terms of technical demands it is a giant leap. From a seasoned PHP developer I have become a Python newbie. From a Linux/Windows user, I have turned into a Mac user+admirer. I hope to learn some really great stuff from here.


The second goodbye was to our trusty old Toyota Starlet 1996. We traded it for a brand new Toyota Corolla G 2004.  We had so many memories in it. It had been through some serious accidents. But it gave us a happy ride. I hope its new owner would be nice to it.


I am enjoying the smooth ride on the new car though!


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