Here lies Michael Jackson(1958-2009), King of Pop


I was surprised to see Michael Jakcson’s name appear in the Twitter trending topics this morning. I hardly suspected death to be the reason for this sudden attention to the legendary artist.

As someone who was born and brought up in the 80’s, Michael Jackson holds a special place in my heart. There was no MTV while I was a child, and no Internet to download mp3’s. Yet Michael Jackson was a household name in this corner of the planet. You couldn’t find a kid who never heard of “break dancing” or “moon walking”.

Thriller got us thrilled, Beat it had us excited, Black or White mesmerized us with its impressive CGI,  They don’t really care about us made us stomp our feet or bang our fists on the table !

His personal life reeked of controversies. But that doesn’t make him any less of an artist in my eyes. I don’t know Michael Jackson the person, I only know Michael Jackson the singer.

Mark my words kiddo. He doesn’t belong to that group of suger-coated ‘pop stars’ your Ipod generation idolizes. He’s above them. The king has surpassed. And the throne remains unclaimed.


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