Back in Gordon Freeman’s Suit!


I am playing PC game again!

It’s Half Life 2 Episode 1!

I know you’re rolling your eyes thinking ‘How 2004 are you? That’s an old game!”.  I know, but I haven’t been around gaming  for a long time. I think I somewhat grew bored of it as I got involved other responsibilities in my personal life.

When I recently got my hands on this game, I couldn’t resist the temptation to play the sequel to one of the best PC games of all time. I booted my PC, which I have been neglecting since the new Macbook Pro came in, installed the game from the DVD, fired it up and started another journey through Half-life’s universe.

There are some cultural changes I have noticed so far. Instead of the legendary crowbar, the game starts with the gravity gun as the first weapon at hand. The biggest change of all, is that Gordon Freeman isn’t alone this time, he has a friend! It’s Alyx Vance!  The ass-kicking chick from Half-life 2. The developers at Valve have designed a sophisticated buddy system, so Alyx is going to fight alongside Gordon throughout the whole game. AI programming in games has come a long way from Daikatana, where moronic activities of your AI controlled buddy(like coming in the line of fire, or firing at you!) made me want to chop that buddy into pieces!


I’m enjoying the game experience so far. And I’m quite glad that Alyx is with me. I’ve always felt a sense of desperation and fear, as I went through Half Life’s cinematic thrilling environment. That’s why it’s really good that I have Alyx by my side!

Update Finished playing Episode 1 few nights back. It was shorter than I expected but satisfying. Just started to play Episode Two!


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