How to piss off a …

I found some really funny posters over the Net. Each one is designed to anger fans of multiple Sci-Fi/Fantasy franchises, be that Star Wars/Trek, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.

The first one.

Get it? Picture of Captain Mal from Firefly, next to it the famous line of Spock from Star Trek. Signed by Han Solo of Star Wars?!

The next one will surely irritate a fantasy novel aficionado, and a Star Wars fan.

Gandalf  the wizard, is given credit for a quote by Master Yoda, and he’s signing off as Dumbledor!

Fucking hilarious!

You’ll have to be a programmer to get the next joke.

Did it piss me off? No way. This one was so amusing that finally decided a post a blog after a long time!

You don’t get it? Did you say you’re a programmer?

Now you are pissing me off.

Photo Courtesy: Reddit.


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