Random snaps from Thailand tour

I’m kinda bummed out since I didn’t get any chance to travel this year (and it looks like I won’t for the rest of the year). So I’ve decided to share some of the photos that I took in my Thailand tour last year. This photos have been lying around in my hard drive for almost a year , so I finally decided to upload a few of them.

This picture was taken on a beach in Phuket, Can’t remember the name of the beach right now.

The rock at James Bond Island, named so because it appeared in one of the James Bond movie.

You are always reflective when you are on a canoe.

A colorful moment.

This baby elephant put on quite a good show.


My attempt at snorkeling.

phi phi island

A sunny day on the beach of Koh Phi Phi

loh dalum bay

Loh Dalum bay


Moments from Darjeeling

I just got back from a 3 day tour in Darjeeling, a town in the West Bengal state of India, situated on a mountainous region, almost 7000 feet above the sea level. Here are a few snaps from the trip shot from my point and shoot camera (a Cannon A570 IS).


I took this shot when we were going up the mountain in a jeep. We were over the clouds, literally!


Taking a walk on slanted streets of the town on the evening of arrival. We shopped for winter clothes, as some of us didn’t pack any of it, and tasted street food.

rock garden waterfall

The waterfall at Rock Garden, Darjeeling.

Darjeeling Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam…Darjeeling style.

Darjeeling toy train

Toy train, the public transport service for Darjeeling. I wanted to get on board one of these but couldn’t because of lack of time.

training rock for mountain climbers

Training rock for mountain climbers.

tenzing rock

And this is Tenzing rock, named after the famous sherpa Tenzing Norgay. This rock is open for tourists to test out their mountain climbing skills.

rock climbing kid

A little boy trying to scale the Tenzing rock.

Tibet self help centre Darjeeling

Darjeeling is home to many migrated Tibetans, who have been living there for  generations. This Self Help Centre houses a hospital for the refugees, an orphanage, a gift shop that sells Tibetan handicraft and a photo museum that captures the history of the region and it’s oppression by the Chinese regime. Our tour guide slash driver, who was also a Tibetan, got very emotional talking about this place.

Gorkhaland Procession

The people of Darjeeling have been demanding for ‘Gorkhaland’, a province of their own and outside the control of West Bengal State Government. This procession was taking place on May Day, at the heart of the town.

Mall Square of Darjeeling

Mall Square of Darjeeling. The statue in the photo belongs to Bhanubhakta Acharya, a Nepali poet.

Darjeeling Municipal building bell tower

The bell tower of the municipal building of Darjeeling, built during the British period.

Darjeeling market place

Taking a walk through the market place.

Jore Pokhri

The gang at Jore Pokhri park. See the foggy background? It’s not fog, it’s a cloud! They were just floating in and out of the place!

Mirik lake

And this is Mirik lake, the last place that we visited.

Back to the Wild Again

It’s been a long time since I blogged about my traveling. So here it goes.

Two weeks ago, I made 4 day tour to the largest mangrove forest of the world, the Sundarbans.  I always fancied about having an adventure there, so this time I went on a four day trip on board a ship with some of my college friends. Here are a few pictures from the tour:

Early morning on the first day, the ship had to stop for sometime for dense fog.

boat in fog

The first day was uneventful. The ship cruised towards Kotka forrest range, and it was dark when it got there. Next day we boarded a boat to make the trip to Kotka beach:

boat ride

This is the ship where we stayed on during the whole trip: MV Kheyapar(picture snapped from the boat). Nice hospitable crew, and great food!

mv kheyapar

The 1 mile walk towards the beach, through the forrest:

kotka beach walk

And finally at the beach!

kotka beach

Tiger tracks! Apparently the king of the jungle visited the beach just an hour before we did.

tiger footprint

The next site was Dublar Chor, a village of fishermen. They mostly deal with dried fish. You can see the dried shrimps:

dublar chor

On Hiron Point, the 798th world heritage site(that’s what they said). We spotted some deer not too far way.

hiron point chital deer

And a wild boar!

sundarbans boar

The pointy things sticking out of the ground are called “Shasmul”, don’t have the english for it. Being a coastal forrest, the soil of the Sundarbans is relatively more saline. ‘Shashmul’ are extensions of the tree roots, they have chambers in them to filter oxygen right out of the atmosphere.

shashmul sundarbans

Tiger again! This one was much closer. Some of us could even smell it.

tiger footprint at hiron point

Day 3: Harbaria Echo Park

harbaria echo park

This is my whole troop, minus me.

At the Karamjal Crocodile farm. They keep the fully grown crocs at the lake.

Back in the town of Khulna on the last day, we decided to ride out the town before taking the bus to Dhaka.

khulna van ride

Back to the Wild : A trip to Srimongol

Last weekend, we took an adventurous trip to the greater Sylhet district of the country. There were eleven of us, all from my university, all now engaged in IT jobs in different organizations. We spent two days in Srimongol and a day in a tea estate in Kulaura. I’m posting some moments from different occasions of the trip:

Our troop at the Srimongol Tea Resort. Eight software developers, one QA, one Sys-support and one network engineer.

Trekking through the Lawachara reserve forest.

The beautiful lake at Madhabpur.

Barbecue Night!

The waterfall at Madhabkundu

Our bungalow at the Sagurnal Tea Estate.

Taking a walk in the tea plantations.