Tethering Nokia N73 with Macbook Pro


Tethering your laptop with an EDGE enabled cellphone is an ideal solution for “Internet on the go” problem.

I have a Nokia N73 which¬† I wished to connect via Bluetooth with my Macbook Pro running on OS X 10.5.7. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a walk in the park as I expected everything with Mac to be. After spending quite some time searching on Google and with the help of some very useful resources(which I’ve listed at the end of this post). I was finally able to browse the Net on the macbook through the phone. I’ll outline the process below

1. Download the Modem Scripts

Although OS X ships with modem scripts for Nokia phones, they don’t work for all the models. Ross Barkman to the rescue! His website contains customized modem scripts for a large array of cellphone brands and models. N73 is 3G enabled so you’ll need Nokia 3G scripts. Download the zip file and extract it, copy the scripts(Nokia 3G CID 1, 2 and 3) and paste them inside [RootDrive]/Library/Modem Scripts folder.

2. Pair the phone with the Macbook

This step is pretty easy to follow. Click on the Bluetooth icon on the Menu bar(go to System Preferences > Bluetooth if (it’s not there) and select “Set up Bluetooth Device”. Follow the steps to pair the phone, make sure you’ve chosen “Access the Internet” option at the final step.

3. Connect to Internet

  • Go to System Preferences > Network and select Bluetooth from the left pane.
  • Click on “Advanced” button. Under the “Modem” tab, select “Other” for “Vendor” option.
  • Select “Nokia 3G CID 1” for “Vendor” option.
  • Select “Ignore dial tone when dialing” from “Dial Mode” options
  • Click OK and now back to Network Menu. Enter your phone’s APN in the “Telephone Number” box. You can know your APN from your phone’s Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection menu.
  • Click “Apply” and then click “Connect”.

You should be connected to Net by now.


  1. Ross Barkman’s site. It has modem scripts for several phone brands.
  2. A similar post on tethering.

Update Tao of Mac has a very detailed post on this topic.